About Us

We are a group of pet care specialists who have more than years of experience in feeding, caring and breeding pets. Our new perspective on pets is adopting Bearded Dragons as peaceful and friendly pets in domestic care. 

The Bearded Dragons are a common name that is used to describe the genus of reptiles, Pogona. The Bearded Dragons usually have a triangular head with a flattened body and their behaviours are characterised by colour changing ability in accordance to the different situations like stress and fear. Often, the Pogona genus is known to be a wild animal but still, there are pet owners who are proud of having a Bearded Dragons.

These reptiles are native to Australia. Since those are relying on an omnivorous nutritional requirement, it is easy to look after and feed the Breaded Dragon pets. The Bearded Dragon’s feed should consist of all proteins, calcium and vitamins. Mealworms and waxworms are the most favourable protein foods for these reptiles. Do not worry if you don’t have options to find the live worms to offer your pet. An array of Bearded Dragon’s food packaging is there to purchase to keep them healthy and fit. We will list those nutritional supplements on our website for beginners in caring for Bearded Dragons and also for experts to find new selections. 

A matured Bearded Dragon is about three feet long and needs a terrarium of nearly 151 litres in volume. The terrarium of these animals should always maintain hot and dry. There are several unique choices to select these terrariums from the online stores. As one of the best caring sites for Bearded Dragons, we will introduce all those caring materials through future readings.

Since we highly appreciate the comfortability of Bearded Dragon pets, we will write all the tips for feeding and caring for your pet in detail. But, we will always maintain the reading time for three to five minutes to keep it feasible for your daily routines. Enjoy your reading time with us while kidding your reptile friend.